Fat Ox National fair in Carrú

Carrú, 12-15 December 2019

Five centuries of tradition and pride

A feast of flavours and emotions, with historical roots since 1473.

Renovated and enriched, the Fair is a unique opportunity to experience the charms of a territory rich of history, memories and hard work, all while discovering one of its main symbols, the fat ox.

Fiera del Bue Grasso di Carrù

Discover all the events of the Fat Ox National fair in Carrú. The fair will be held in Carrù (CN) from the 12-15 December 2019.

The Programme

Fiera del Bue Grasso di Carrù

Undisputed star of the Fair, it’s a majestic and imposing animal. Symbol of the Piedmontese cattle breed, it is recognized all over the world for the unique quality of the meat.