The operational phases of the cattle assessments and the award ceremony will be visible in streaming mode with access via a specific link that will be made available on the Municipality website.

The zootechnical exhibition, exclusively of Piedmontese breed cattle, is the main event of the Fair.

It is a “beauty contest”, in which approximately one hundred farmers present their animals to the audience and the severe jury. It is exciting to attend a similar show and to observe how the passing of time cannot affect the deep charm of the competition.

Naturally, the undisputed star is the fat ox, but other categories of animals: steers, castrated steers, scottona, cows, fat cows and bulls.


The Gualdrappa, a high-quality handmade drape representing an ox head on a white background, awarded to the winner of each category. The history of the Gualdrappa dates back to 1910, when the first edition of the Fair took place. It was traditionally assigned to the farmer or, in case of sale, to the buyer of the winning animal. Its intrinsic value can affect the price of the animals, as their quality is certified by this award.

La Gran Fascia is assigned to the animals that placed second or third in each category. It is handmade and the colours are, respectively, blue and bordeaux.

It is also important to mention le Fasce (the Bands), which are drapes in small-sizes and different colours.

La Moscarola d’oro is an additional award assigned to one of the three best oxen.

In addition to these “historical” awards, it is important to mention the gold medals, the silver medal for the heaviest ox, the plaques and the certificates.

Finally, cash prizes are awarded in a decreasing order depending on the animal’s position in the ranking.


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