The Piedmontese breed meat is considered one of the best worldwide.

Its cholesterol level does not exceed that of most fish meat (48-60 mg/100gr depending on the piece of meat). It also has a lower fat content compared to other breeds. The meat is characterized by an extraordinary tenderness and a full, unmistakable and elegant taste.

Regarding the ox, the most famous preparation is certainly the Piedmontese mixed boiled meat. Seven different pieces of meat are required to prepare this extraordinary dish. The seven pieces are: scaramella, punta di petto, brutto e buono, muscolo, stinco, cappello del prete, reale con osso.

There are also seven “ornaments”, which are cooked separately and they accompany the dish. They are: testina di vitello completa di musetto, lingua, zampino, coda, gallina, cotechino e rolata (che alcuni sostituiscono con la lonza).

Finally, the sauces: the green sauce, made of parsley, anchovies, garlic, mustard, red vinegar and crumbled left-over bread; the red sauce, based on tomatoes, red peppers, garlic, mustard, red vinegar, horseradish sauce; the bees’ sauce, made of honey, nuts, mustard powder and broth; the mustard sauce, the grape mustard and many others.

Apart from the mixed boiled meat, many other dishes use this kind of meat as the main ingredient, such as the famous “battuta al coltello”, the pot roast, the “stracotto” and the roast-beef.