The Programme

On Thursday 10 December 2020, the 110th edition of the The Fat Ox World Auction, a market exhibition of Piedmontese breed cattle, will take place in Carrù, at the Foro Boario in Piazza Mercato and in strict static mode.

The fair will take place despite the ongoing health emergency, but with the observance of the prescribed measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
Seventy-five prizes are up for grabs for cattle, limited to seven categories for this edition: thigh oxen, improved and homegrown, thigh steers, improved and homegrown, castrated calves.
The award ceremony will begin at 11 am, with the award of the coveted saddlecloths and bands to the breeders.

The usual weekly market will be held in the forms that will be allowed by the regulations in force for the protection of public safety.
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In compliance with the measures prescribed to contain the spread of the coronavirus, it should be noted that collective lunches and dinners cannot be organized, as well as non-stop boiled meat.
Likewise, The Fat Ox World Auction will not be held for the 2020 edition.

Considering the epidemiological situation in progress, for the 2020 edition the public will not be able to access the exhibition area and, therefore, the operational phases of the cattle assessments and the award ceremony will be visible in streaming mode with access via a specific link that will be made available on the Municipality website.

2020 Awards Flyer